Been playing "It Takes Two" the last few days and it's really good! It's challenging yet forgiving. Best two-player co-op I've played in recent memory, I think.

Did some hiking at a nearby park over the weekend. 🚶🏽‍♂️🌳

I’ve been reading Offscreen magazine lately, and I’m enjoying the values of the people being interviewed and their level-headed opinions on tech (effects on the environment, addiction to social media, and surveillance capitalism for example)

Finished listening to Broad Band. I thought it was inspiring to learn about the women who were fundamental in building the world of computing, but it was also frustrating to hear how the same women were pushed out and ignored at every turn.

I wish I had learned about these amazing people growing up.

🍤 Made salmon and shrimp with coconut milk last night. It's really easy to make, and I put up the recipe on my website:

We got this game called How to Survive, and we’re pretty much hooked! It’s raining outside so it’s all we did at home all afternoon.

I’m trying out OpenBSD on @OpenBSDAms to see if I can use it to host static websites (I’m thinking I could create a dedicated page for my generative art). I find the minimalist philosophy of the OS attractive, so I’m enjoying learning about the system.

While setting up I found that my Fish shell plugins weren’t working properly, so I sent a really simple patch to Fisher today to fix that: 🎉

Got these stickers in the mail the other day. I’m a fan of these illustrations, @rek @neauoire!

I'm learning how to make squiggly/curvy lines. I don't think I understand the concepts well yet, but I think I'm making a bit of progress with it.

I’m grateful that I got to visit my family this weekend. I haven’t seen them in over a year, so I’m glad that I was able to spend some time with them.

This is the view from my parent's deck. It's a good change of scenery.

Currently trying out a window manager called TidyTabs (Windows-only), and I'm really enjoying it. I love how related apps visually stick together and follow each other around. I'm finding that using this makes more sense in my head than using virtual desktops--I feel like grouping windows together is a more natural workflow for me.

The best feature, though? I can right click and close all the apps in a group at once when I'm done with them. 😌

The tiny generative art template is now using Browsersync instead of Python as the local server. Having to refresh the browser every time I change anything gets old pretty quick!

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I wrote a sorta-minimalist template for my generative art needs. It's not exactly dependency free, but at least it doesn't pull in a ton of NPM packages!

I think it's just right for my needs, and I hope other people will find it useful, too.

I wrote a short blog post on the algorithm for the night sky poster that I recently made:

It reminds me of how simple rules could generate something that _looks_ complex. It’s honestly one of my favorite things about generative art!

I got packing materials and copies of two of my prints ready at home. I have the links up on as well so I think I’m ready to start shipping! Kind of terrified though I’ve never done anything like this.

I’m excited to share some art though so I hope things go well!

I initially wanted to put something in the foreground, but I think I'm pretty happy with this! I simplified the algorithm even more, and I'm actually surprised at how short the code is.

I'm hoping to get this printed soon. I think it'll look great as a poster!

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