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@technomancy Ah I’ve had this once last year and it was delicious! I gotta try this at home thanks for the reminder

I love using GeForce Now and Stadia, but I also have Comcast 😢

I initially wanted to put something in the foreground, but I think I'm pretty happy with this! I simplified the algorithm even more, and I'm actually surprised at how short the code is.

I'm hoping to get this printed soon. I think it'll look great as a poster!

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I've been working on a poster of the night sky.

I'm thinking I could emulate a long exposure shot of the stars as the background (similar to this, and I think I just figured out how to do it!

I'm excited to see how it's turning out!

I'm starting to make progress! I've been inspired by space music from artists like Jaja, and I was hoping to emulate that kind of music. Here's what I got so far.

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I ended up switching to Sonic Pi instead for creating music. I'm a beginner, so I think I'll need all the documentation I can get! Sonic Pi has a lot of it, and it also feels more approachable since the programs are all in Ruby.

Wish me luck!

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I've been having fun with generative art recently. There's something fascinating about creating art by simply specifying a set of rules for the computer.

So this weekend I've been wondering if I could do the same with music by using Orca (

I've been struggling a lot since I don't know much about music, but it's kind of fun so I'm hoping that I get better at it!

Alright I added some rings. I think I'm satisfied with this one.

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I'm currently working on a 12x18 gaseous giant poster. I've been using JS for my , but for this one I'm using Lisp through Ronin (

I'm pretty new to the language, but it seems to be more succinct and straightforward compared to the Canvas API. It feels easier to read too.

Currently a WIP, but the source can be found here:

Thanks for the awesome tool, @rek @neauoire

@neauoire @karlicoss @rek Pretty inspiring stuff! Amazing what you two can do with limited power and internet. 💪🏽

Also moved today as well. I'm feeling good about having my blogs running on a cheap VPS!

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Got to move my blog ( out of successfully, and it looks like everything is in one piece! I moved to a self-hosted WordPress instead since it’s cheaper to host.

It was a pretty smooth transition aside from having to manually swap out VideoPress embeds in my posts.

I’m currently listening to an audiobook of Broad Band. It’s fascinating (and sometimes frustrating) to hear about the history of computing dating back to the 1800s!

I just got my wormhole / galaxy print! 🌌 I wasn't sure how the print would look with this much black ink, but it came out wonderfully.

The code can be found here:

I'm currently playing around with Navidrome ( on a server, and I'm really liking it!

I didn't think I'd want to stream my own music library, but it's really convenient to have access to it on all my devices. It's also nice to not worry about storage, so that's a plus.

I just wrote about the donations that I made in 2020 on my blog:

This wraps up my second year of donating to effective charities, and I feel really lucky to have the resources to donate in the first place.

There's a lot of fur and dust at home, so I'm not surprised that the fans are already dusty after 5 months.

I'm glad my laptop is pretty straightforward to open up, though! I made the right choice of getting a repairable laptop.

I guess I'll be doing this twice a year. 😅

I worked on some space-themed recently over the holidays.

One is a wormhole/galaxy poster that's made with multiple sunflower-seed spirals, and the other one is a gaseous planet (which needs a bit more work).

I'm hoping these will turn out well once it's printed!


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