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I just got my wormhole / galaxy print! 🌌 I wasn't sure how the print would look with this much black ink, but it came out wonderfully.

The code can be found here:

I'm currently playing around with Navidrome ( on a server, and I'm really liking it!

I didn't think I'd want to stream my own music library, but it's really convenient to have access to it on all my devices. It's also nice to not worry about storage, so that's a plus.

I just wrote about the donations that I made in 2020 on my blog:

This wraps up my second year of donating to effective charities, and I feel really lucky to have the resources to donate in the first place.

There's a lot of fur and dust at home, so I'm not surprised that the fans are already dusty after 5 months.

I'm glad my laptop is pretty straightforward to open up, though! I made the right choice of getting a repairable laptop.

I guess I'll be doing this twice a year. 😅

I worked on some space-themed recently over the holidays.

One is a wormhole/galaxy poster that's made with multiple sunflower-seed spirals, and the other one is a gaseous planet (which needs a bit more work).

I'm hoping these will turn out well once it's printed!


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